Moss Care

Moss Care


For Sanctuary Moss to grow happily the water cycle must be observed.  

Water the fronds generously but never saturate under a tap. Keep moss out of the sun, it needs very little light. Mist with filtered water, free of chemicals.


The formation of condensation and appropriate evaporation must occur, in full circle. The remaining moisture is usually the perfect amount to maintain the cycle for a prolonged period. If moss fronds are drying out on the tips, more water must be added or room temperature/position according to heat and light be adjusted.


When planting, place your moss piece over the sanctuary insert, be sure to layer the insert with sphagnum or a bit of soil if the moss piece is quite thin. Alternatively you can plant directly into the base without the insert, filling first with a substrate layer and a small amount of soil.


Keep observing over the first week so you understand how the temperature in your room effects the moss and how much misting you need to do. The fronds should never look dry and rope-like. 


The looks:

Deep green and short fronds.

To ensure moss stays a similar deep green colour to haw it started, keep it away from bright light.

Mist generously to start, then you may find once a fortnight is ok. Vents open. 


Long and leggy, light green.

If you want the experience of long fronds so you can trim and style the height, allow access to light from a distance. The fronds will grow tall and leggy toward the light source. Once you have trimmed it back, be sure to move into low light so it can regenerate at a slower pace.


What causes mould?

High humidity and lack of ventilation.

Mould has a tendency to form when there is leggy growth, overwatering or high humidity without the opportunity to evaporate. Sometimes we don’t catch the mould until the moss piece is dry so we assume it is from the lack of water and saturate it. 


Instead, whilst it is dry, wash the moss very gently place it back. Flick up the fronds with your fingertips so they rise and start again.